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Welcome! Most of these domains were bought by their current owner in the mid-to-late 1990s. This is not an auction Website. An owner may accept the listed minimum or seek a higher price. Some domain owners may consider leasing instead of selling.
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» What is a Safe Transfer?
» How does it work?

What is a Safe Transfer? Top...

Safe transfer is a form of a "payment in escrow" service that URLs.net offers.

Escrow services are provided at no cost to domain buyers. It is conducted through the law office of Linda K. Williams. The contact information is:
Linda K. Williams, Attorney at Law
10266 S.W. Lancaster Road
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 293-0399

How does it work? Top...

Seller has selected the Buyer and both parties have come to an agreement on price and the conditions of sale.
  1. The Seller requests that funds be deposited with the law offices of Linda K. Williams until the domain registration has been transferred to the new owner.
  2. Buyer logs into his Account Manager and makes sure that funds are on deposit in his account. Buyer then clicks on "Safe Transfer" and enters in the amount to be held for safe transfer in the account of URLs.net. The Buyer then enters in the Seller's name and clicks on "Transfer Funds".
  3. Seller can then view the funds sitting in URLs.net's safe transfer account until domain transfer has been completed to the satisfiaction of both parties.
  4. In the event of a dispute the following options are available:
    • Seller can cancel the receipt of the of Funds if terms of purchase are not met e.g. Insufficient funds on deposit in "Safe Transfer".
    • Buyer can request URLs.net Admin to return funds if transfer of domain not completed by Closing Date.

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